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Building Up Families    

Zero, One, Two, Three

Individual Coaching

Throughout all stages of life changes occur. Some of these changes are positive and others bring us to our knees in agony.  The common thread is that all changes can lead to growth. When hard times occur we have to ask ourselves is this event going to destroy me or refine me.  We get to choose who we want to be in spite of our circumstances.  

The relationship between coach and client is a creative partnership in which the goal is to:

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision 
  • Support change and clarify goals as needed
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Nurture and create a plan of action based on what fits best with your goals, personality and vision
  • Foster accountability in order to promote positive change

This process works together to allow the client to maximize his or her potential. Research shows that coaching and training is a far more potent combination than training alone. In fact, training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, but when combined with weekly life coaching, productivity is boosted by 88%.

This model was created to support parents in raising resilient, successful, and healthy children. The idea behind Building Up Families - Zero, One, Two, Three is to focus on the basic principals of relationship, structure, boundaries, and consistency. It sounds simple but success in this program is dependent on parents who are willing to delve within themselves and see what strengths and areas of growth they bring into their family structure. Each one of us carries a backpack full of our positive and negative life-experiences.  When parenting, these experiences guide our parenting styles, family culture, and dynamics.

The goal of this program is to take those experiences and use them to support children’s resiliency in all areas of their life.