Positive Behaviors

Zero, One, Two, Three

School and  Teacher Workshops

OCDE Project GLAD® Trainings

OCDE Project GLAD® Tier I Training is geared toward professional educators.  It consists of a 2-Day Research and Theory Training where participants are trained in language acquisition, brain research, cross cultural respect, primary language and reading and writing principles. The Two-Day also presents an overview of practical classroom applications, how to present strategies based on Sheltered Instruction or ELD objectives, and the organization and planning of GLAD™ units based on CCSS, NGSS, 21st Century Skills, and state standards. Following this training will be the 4 or 5 Day Demonstration. This demonstration is an opportunity for participants to observe students. One consultant teaches students using OCDE Project GLAD® strategies while the other trainer coaches the observing teachers in the back of the classroom during the mornings. Afternoons are spent debriefing, collaborating, and planning so teachers may implement their learning immediately upon returning to their classroom.  

This training was created to support educators with students who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically. The focus of Positive Behaviors - Zero, One, Two, Three is relationship, structure, boundaries, and consistency.  The concept is simple but any teacher that has implemented these principles into their classroom knows that simple does not mean easy. It takes educators who are willing to go within themselves to see what strengths and areas of growth they bring to their school and classrooms. Research confirms that with a positive classroom culture in the area of classroom management, students have higher academic successes. This training supports school sites to achieve student goals both academically and behaviorally with their students. All trainings are tailored to each individual school site based on their student population and desired outcomes.We'll make sure you and your baby's needs are met and taken care of.